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Dark Moor is a Spanish symphonic power metal band from the Madrid region. The group, formed in 1994, produced three studio albums before a redesign of its training that will see three of its members leave the group to form Dreamaker. The remaining two members continue under the same name, recruiting suitable replacements in time for their 2003 album.

The group Dark Moor is formed in 1994 in Madrid, and is named after the Riftwar saga of Raymond E. Feist. Originally the band is led by Elisa Candelas, and trained by guitarist Enrik Garcia. In three years, between 1996 and 1999, the group published three demos including "Tales of the Dark Moor" in 1996, Dreams of Madness in 1998, and Flying in 1999>.

Finally, the band signed with the independent label Arise Records in 1999, and recorded an album. The group includes at this time, Eliza Candelas Martin on vocals, guitarists Enrik Garcia and Albert Maroto, bassist Anan Kaddouri, keyboardist Roberto Peña Camus, and drummer Jorge Saez. Together, they released their first studio album, entitled Shadowland , during the summer of 1999. Dark Moor played it on stage as a first part of the tour. Demons and Wizards in Spain.

Dark Moor band members begin the recording sessions of the second album, The Hall of the Old Dreams, in August 2000 at New Sin studio with Luigi Stefanini as producer. During these sessions, the group records its Halloween version which was included in the Helloween tribute album, The Keepers of Jericho - a Tribute to Helloween, published by Arise Records >>>. This second studio album is followed by a mini-album entitled The Fall of Melniboné , in May 2001. The mini-album is a limited edition of 1,500 copies for the Spanish market. It includes the replay of Helloween's song Song Wood as an exclusive bonus.

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