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Darkest Hour is an American metalcore band from Washington, DC The band recorded their first album in 1996, "lang =" en "> The Misanthrope < / span>. Then, he will do many tours, in 1998, members welcome a second guitarist. Their album Deliver Us starts at the 110> place of the Billboard standings with 6 600 copies sold>, and The Eternal Return reaches the 104> of this same ranking>.

Darkest Hour is formed on September 23, 1995> with originally four members. They record a first EP, The Misanthrope in 1996, for the label Death Trucks Records. They spend most of their time on tour. In 1998, the band grew with the arrival of a second guitarist. The same year, the band released the EP The Prophecy Fullfiled on the Art Monk Construction label. The following year, in 1999, Matt Maben leaves and is replaced by Ryan Parish.

In 2000, the group's first studio album, "The Mark of the Judas" , was released on the MIA Records label. The tour of the album ends abruptly at the end of 2000 with the disappearance of the label MIA Records. Several labels offer them a contract but Victory Records will be chosen by Darkest Hour. With this label, the band recorded a second album ( So Sedated, So Secure in 2001) which met with great success. Then in 2003, (still with the same label) the band released "Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation" . This album is more in a kind of melodic death metal, the first two were more metalcore. But this new opus allows the group to become even better known. Darkest Hour returns in June 2005 with a fourth album, Undoing Ruin . The album is their first to reach the Billboard 200 ranking, starting at 138> place after a week with 8,484 copies sold>. In 2006, they make a very noticed appearance at Hellfest (France).

In early 2007, the band is working in Vancouver on their upcoming album with Townsend. On March 7th, 2007, Victory Records publishes the title of this album, Deliver Us; it will be published on July 10 the same year>. In April 2008, Darkest Hour launches a Washington Capitals contest. The song 1,000 Words to Say but One is reissued>.

In September 2008, Blabbermouth reports the departure of Kris Norris' group, who will probably join another group>. Their song Demon (s) is included in the video game Guitar Hero 5 .

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