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Death is an American death metal band from Orlando, Florida. Founded in 1983, the group is one of the pioneers of the genre. The group's first album, "Scream Bloody Gore" , is considered the first death metal album>, though, Chuck Schuldiner, leader of the group, is not considered as the creator of extreme metal >>>.

Schuldiner played the band and did not hesitate to change his composition to suit his musical desires. As a result, Death's members have rarely played on more than one album, and none have performed on more than two, with the exception of drummer Gene Hoglan, who will play on Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic, and bassist Steve DiGiorgio, which will play on the albums Human and Individual Thought Patterns (although credited on two albums, the bassist Terry Butler does not play on the album Leprosy, the bass parts have been recorded and composed by Schuldiner). The death of Schuldiner on December 13, 2001, following a brain tumor, puts a definitive end to the careers of Death and its parallel project, Control Denied.

Founded in 1983 by Chuck Schuldiner initially as Mantas, Orlando, Florida >>>. Death is one of the best-known bands in the death metal scene, alongside the Californian band Possessed. At the end of the 1980s, the group became an integral part of the death metal scene and became popular internationally thanks to its many albums.

With Kam Lee (Barney Kamalani Lee) and Rick Rozz (Frederick DeLillo), Schuldiner embarked on the music composition on audio tape in 1984 >>>. These tapes, including the demo "Death by Metal" , circulate in international record stores, and help the rapid popularization of the group. In 1984, Schuldiner put an end to Mantas and decided to create a new band named Death. Tim Aymar, in an article posted online in December 2010, explains Chuck Schuldiner's decision on the name of the group; he initially decides to mourn his brother Frank, who died a few years before the formation of the group. Its members include Rick Rozz and Kam Lee. Another demo comes out, titled Reign of Terror .

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