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Death Angel is an American thrash metal band from San Francisco, California. He is associated with Bay Area groups. The band has a total of ten albums from The Ultra-Violence in 1987 to The Evil Divide in 2016. Between 1991 and 1995, Dennis Pepa, Andy Galeon, Gus Pepa and Rob Cavestany released two albums as The Organization's band. . They participate with this group in two editions of Dynamo Open Air and open for Fight on their European tour of 1993.

Their debut album The Ultra-Violence sold more than 40,000 copies in less than four months. During the tour accompanying the release of Act III, the group suffered a serious bus accident, in which Andy Galeon was seriously injured. Death Angel must stop all activity during the convalescence of his young drummer. During this period, Mark Osegueda left the group, which broke up and did not reform until 2001, without Gus Pepa, for a support concert to Chuck Billy of Testament and participated in the Hellfest 2012 in France.

Death Angel was characterized by extremely young musicians with for example Andy Galeon the drummer who was just 14 years old in 1987 for the first album. Their musical qualities earned them to be spotted by Kirk Hammett who produced their Kill as One demo.

Death Angel was formed in the Bay of San Francisco, California, in 1982 by cousins ​​Rob Cavestany (guitar), Dennis Pepa (vocals, bass), Gus Pepa (rhythm guitar), and Andy Galeon (drums) - all from roots Philippines. After several name changes, like Dark Fury, Cavestany and D. Pepa adopt the name Death Angel from a book they saw in store. In 1983, the band released its first Heavy Metal Insanity demo, starring Matt Wallace in production. According to Mark Osegueda, the band was "more focused heavy metal, in the vein of Iron Maiden or Tygers of Pan Tang" while the Bay Area thrash metal movement n was in its infancy>. Osegueda, a second cousin of the four members, became the band's singer in 1984 and made his first tour with Megadeth in April of that year.

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