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Decapitated is a Polish technical death metal band from Krosno. They practice a brutal and technical style largely influenced by one of the global pillars of death metal, Cannibal Corpse >>>. The group includes guitarist, founder and composer Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka, singer Rafał Piotrowski, bassist Paweł Pasek, and drummer Michał Łysejko.

Vogg and his younger brother, drummer Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka, form Decapitated alongside singer Wojciech "Sauron" Wąsowicz, joined by bassist Marcin "Martin" Rygiel a year later. After two demos, the band signed to the label Wicked World (Earache Records label division) and published, in 2000, its first album, Winds of Creation . In 2002 and 2004, the band released the albums Nihility and The Negation , respectively. Their fourth album, Organic Hallucinosis , is published in 2006 and involves a new singer, Adrian "Covan" < / span> Kowanek.

At the end of 2007, the group suffered a road accident. Vitek succumbs to 23-year-old injuries on November 2, 2007, and Covan survives, but remains in a coma. After a period of separation, Vogg reformed Decapitated, and the group published in 2011 his fifth album, Carnival Is Forever . They then publish the album Blood Mantra in 2014, then the album Anticult in 2017

The group was formed in 1996 in Krosno by the guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka, at this time aged 15, his brother and drummer Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka, at the age of 12, and singer Wojciech "Sauron" Wąsowicz, who was 16 years old. Well influenced by the death metal scene of the time with Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Deicide or Vader>, they released their first demo Cemetaryen Gardens in June 1997. Despite the violence and the technicality of their music for their young ages, the demo does not talk much about her. A few months later, they released their second demo, The Eye of Horus , which, she, will manage to make some noise. In 2000, the Metal Mind Productions label reissued the first two demos as a compilation, it is called The First Damned . They begin their first concerts in the United Kingdom with Vader in 2001, and are spotted by the Earache Records label. They recorded a year later their first album Winds of Creation . He will be very popular with the audience, and the band will be touring Europe with Immolation and "Lock Up" .

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