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Demis roussos

Artémios Ventoúris Roússos ( Αρτέμιος Βεντούρης Ρούσσος ), says Demis Roussos (in Greek: < classτέμης Ρούσσος ), is a Greek musician and singer, born on June 15, 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt and died on January 25, 2015 in Athens.

Before his solo career, he was Aphrodite's Child singer and bassist with Vangelis on keyboards, Silver Koulouris on guitar and Lucas Sideras on drums. He has sold nearly sixty million records worldwide throughout his career.

Artémios Ventoúris Roússos, is the son of Geórgios Roússos, an engineer in a construction company, and his mother, Olga, singer. They are both born in Egypt, but are of Greek and Italian origin respectively. Indeed, the paternal and maternal grandparents of Demis were born in Greece and had joined Egypt in the 1920s. According to Greek custom, the child receives the name of his paternal grandfather: Artémios (of which "Demis Is the diminutive)>.

The young Artémios lives in an orthodox community, in a Muslim country. As a result, it is imbued with Greek and Arabic music. Attracted by singing, he is part of the choir of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria: he sings there for five years as a soloist and, at the same time, he studies music theory and learns to play guitar and trumpet> .

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