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Despised Icon is a Canadian deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2002, the band consisted of two singers Alexandre Erian (vocal screaming technique), and Steve Marois (grunt). Despised Icon is a band known in the underground music scene and considered to be one of the founders of the deathcore genre.

In April 2010, the group announces its separation and recent tours in many countries. Their last six nights took place in the cities of Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal in December 2010. Despised Icon is back on the scene in 2016 with the release of their album entitled Beast .

Despised Icon was formed in January 2002 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Shortly after his formation, the band signed to the Galy Records label, and released his first album, Consumed By Your Poison in October that same year>. The following year, Despised Icon changed its line-up many times.

In early 2004, the group welcomed new members, including two singers Steve Marois and Alexandre Erian, guitarists Yannick St-Amand and Éric Jarrin, bassist Sébastien Piche, and drummer Alexandre Pelletier, and record together the EP auto -produced and funded Syndicated Murderers , followed by a split EP with Bodies in the Gears by Apparatus, released on Relapse Records >> >>>.

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