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Destroyer 666

Deströyer 666 is a group of Australian black, death and thrash metal from Melbourne. The group relocates to Europe in 2001.

Deströyer 666 was formed in 1994 by guitarist and singer K.K. Warslut, following his departure from the band Bestial Warlust. At the release of his first EP, Violence is the Prince of this World , the band was still KK Warslut's solo project (guitar, bass, vocals), accompanied by Matt Skitz (Damaged) and Criss Volcano (Abominator) on drums. Following the release of this album, the band is joined on the bass by Bullet Eater (Phil Gresik, former Bestial Warlust, Hobb's Angel of Death, Mass Confusion), on drums by Howitzer (Gospel of the Horns), and on guitar by Shrapnel, and records the first studio album, Unchain the Wolves (1997). Howitzer is subsequently replaced by Deceiver, and in 1999, Deströyer 666 signs with Season of Mist> and records the album Phoenix Rising, which will be released more than a year later.

In 2000, Deströyer 666 turned significantly in Europe>. During this tour, drummer Erich de Windt (Sinister, Prostitute Disfigurement) joins the group, and Simon Berserker replaces Gresik. The album Phoenix Rising is published in November. In 2001, drummer Mersus replaced Erich De Windt, and the band went on tour across Europe with Immolation and Deranged. As a result of this tour, the group leaves Australia to settle permanently in Europe. In 2002, the band released the album Cold Steel ... for an Iron Age .

In 2006, Deströyer 666 made his first North American tour between September and October. In 2009, they released the album Defiance , the first album on which Warslut does not compose any music, although he remains the main lyricist.

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