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DevilDriver is an American death metal band from Santa Barbara, California. Dez Fafara singer broke away from the Coal Chamber in 2003 and formed a new band, with guitarists Evan Pitts, Jeff Kendrick, drummer John Boecklin, and bassist John Miller under the name Deathride. But because of the copyright and since several groups already had that name, Deathride changed its name and opted for DevilDriver, in reference to the bells that witches used to chase demons.

The group was originally formed as Deathride, but changed to DevilDriver because Fafara thought that too many groups bore this name; a group from Norfolk, Virginia, and a team of runners. The band's label, Roadrunner Records, also could not sign them with this name>. The members bring together more than 200 names to create an original approach. Fafara's wife possessed an Italian book of sorcery, and later found the term devil driver.

The first album of DevilDriver was originally supposed to be titled Thirteen>, then Straight to Hell. However, Fafara explains that the title has changed to "so many reasons that I can not quote them all". " The band's namesake album, DevilDriver, was released on October 28, 2003 at the Roadrunner Records label, and reached the top spot of the Billboard Top Heatseekers>. Guitarist Pitts wrote 90% of the songs, according to Mike Spreitzer, who will replace Pitts after he leaves. The specialized press welcomed the album negatively. AllMusic's Johnny Loftus explains that the songs in Die (and Die Now) and Swinging the Dead lead to a disappointing album, and expected much better.

The group returned to the studio in 2005 to record the sequel to DevilDriver. The album is produced at Sonic Ranch Studios, 64 km from El Paso, Texas. The members of the group wanted to isolate themselves to record the album, thus avoiding being interrupted by the friends, the companions or the family.

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