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Diary of dreams

Diary of dreams Diary of Dreams is a German musical group, led by singer Adrian Hates. After a dark wave debut, the musical style drifts at the turn of the century and incorporates futuristic electro and pop elements.

Adrian Hates (born in 1973) had already played in a group of students before 1989, but it seems that it did not suit him to bring his ideas to fruition. In 1989 he wrote Tagebuch der Traüme, which gives him inspiration for the name Diary of Dreams. In search of musicians sharing his ideas, he finds only the guitarist Alistair Kane, with whom he founded Diary of Dreams in 1989. The first four demos, in 1990, are not published, although Adrian struggled for that.

In 1994, Diary of Dreams' first album, Diary of Dreams, was released with difficulty on Dion Fortune Records, label of The Garden of Delight, a band in which Adrian had played bass since 1992. Inspired by Dion Fortune, Adrian founded his own label, Accession Records , on which will come out all the next albums of the group.

Their first sign of consolidation comes in 1999, with the release of the compilation Moments of Bloom. The next two albums, One of 18 Angels and Freak Perfume (plus the EP that accompanies PaniK Manifesto) present elements of electronic beats. Their album Nigredo (2004) is more dance oriented and integrates the first elements of Futurepop. The Nigredo tour comes with the release of the live album Alive and its DVD Nine In Numbers. Following the album Nekrolog 43 in 2007, to relative success according to Adrian Hates himself.

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