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Dido , by his full name Dido Florian Cloud of Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong , born December 25, 1971 in London's Kensington, England, is a pop rock singer British. She is also a playwright, musician and producer. In 2004, she enters the top ten richest artist in the world with revenues estimated at 15.8 million pounds>. She released five solo albums between 2001 and 2019.

Dido Dido was born Florian Cloud Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong> December 25, 1971 at Kensington Hospital in London, United Kingdom>. She is immersed in the world of culture (her name comes from the Latin form of Dido, legendary founder of Carthage) with a father of Irish origin who works as a literary agent for the Sidgwick & Jackson publishing house. and a mother of French origin who devotes her life to poetic writing.

She grew up in a North London neighborhood with her brother Rollo, and both are already passionate about music. At five, she stole a recorder. This flute will be the revealer of his early talent. Indeed, it must be believed that she did it with a certain passion, despite her young age, since she was admitted a year later, at the age of six, to the prestigious Guildhall School of Music. from London. Gradually, she learned many instruments, including the flute, the piano and the violin, three instruments that control the age of 10. She plays mainly classical music, and particularly likes current classical composers. At the time of adolescence, she knows already the scene with a whole of classical music which organizes some rounds in the United Kingdom. However, despite its efforts, she is convinced she will never carry out its first dream, namely to become a great classical pianist>. At 16, she discovered the legendary Ella Fitzgerald jazz singer who fascinates and arouses admiration. This is apparently a pretty difficult time for the young Dido who seeks, hesitating between classical music, the studies, and the new group of electro of his brother Rollo, Faithless>.

At 17, she gives up classical music, somewhat disenchanted. After completing high school, she enrolls in university and studies law, hoping to become a lawyer. She will be in touch for seven years with a boyfriend, Bob Page, who became a lawyer. She begins touring with Faithless, and lends her voice to many of their songs. Little by little, the name of Dido echoes in the musical circles. However, his brother worries and advises him to devote himself to his university studies. "I was just Rollo's little sister, so the last one we would have watched." Now, on the label side, we are starting to look at it closely. Indeed, after one of its demonstrations, Dido is invited to meet Clive Davis, the founder of Arista Records. The meeting takes place in 1997, in a large hotel in London. "What really made me understand that this man was amazing is that I had already met many people of music industry, and it is the only one who is really sat down to talk about my music , the opposite of what they usually do! ">. Something else seduced her, something more subtle. She had no limit, no barrier not to be crossed, its creation was completely free, "because we did not care really what I was doing, they were busy elsewhere ...">. And so it was that in 1999 out The Highbury Fields EP , the album including the first four pieces of No Angel , plus a more electronic title, imbued with the sounds of Faithless, and that Dido composes herself: worthless , which means "worthless", has just proven the priceless talent of the singer. The contract signed with Arista concerns the United States, and that's why "Angel" , the first complete album, goes first to be distributed in this country>.

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