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Dismember is a Swedish death metal band from Stockholm. Formed in 1988, the band has a total of eight studio albums. The group separates in 2011.

Dismember is formed in Stockholm in 1988>. A pioneer of Swedish death metal (like Entombed, Grave and Unleashed), Dismember is based on the trio formed by guitarist Dave Blomqvist, singer-bassist Robert Sennebäck and drummer Fred Estby. But 18 months and two demos later, Dismember is dissolved.

Dave Blomqvist (after a short stint at Nihilist / Entombed) and Fred Estby join Carnage while Robert Sennebäck joins Unleashed. Carnage is in turn dissolved in 1991. Dave and Fred choose to reactivate Dismember with the help of Carnage singer Matti Karki (future At the Gates and Therion, but also Carbonized, General Surgery and Murder Squad). Robert Sennebäck reinstated Dismember as a guitarist, while Richard Cabeza (from the experimental death band Carbonized) took over the bass. Dismember has a solid education for seven years.

After a third demo, the group recorded at Sunlight Studio its first album, Like an Ever Flowing Stream , published on the Nuclear Blast label, in 1991>. Then followed a stormy European tour with Morbid Angel in June 1991>. In 1992, the band continues with an EP, entitled Pieces , then a new tour with Napalm Death and Obituary>. In 1993 their second album, Indescent and Obscene , definitely establishes their reputation as leader of the Swedish death scene.

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