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Distemper is a Russian ska punk band from Moscow. It was formed in 1989 around the guitarist Datsent (in Russian: Däseten ) and drummer Baï (in Russian: Бай ).

Distemper is formed on September 4, 1989 in Moscow. They begin with a hardcore punk style and record their first studio album, two years after the group's creation. In 1993, a new album is recorded. With the release of their album Город in 1995, they integrate the brass and their style is oriented towards ska punk. They record two more albums and in 1998 they are already widely known in Russia and become the first ska group in Russia. In 1999, Datzent became the singer and his charismatic voice still characterizes the group>.

Distemper becomes known for its scenic performances. In 2002, they began a tour in Europe and their reputations cross the borders of Russia. After this tour, they become well known in Germany and record their new album Dobro утро vinyl still in Germany, which receives excellent reviews. In 2003, they recorded a piece on Russendisko-Hits, and a fan group was formed mostly in Germany. They then do more than 100 concerts outside of Russia for the next three years and forge a good reputation in major festivals such as Force Attack (2005 and 2007). The prize of "best Russian ska band" was awarded to them in 2006, and in 2007 their album Мир создан для тебя was named Rock Alternative Music Prize in the " album category of the year ".

In 2009 releases the album Всё или ничего, and its reprint in English version the following year, in 2010>. In 2014, they publish a split with the Rauchers group>. At the end of 2016, they play in Berlin>.

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