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Donots Donots is a German punk rock band from Ibbenbüren. All members of the group, except Alex, are vegetarians. Most of the band's songs are produced by Fabio Trentini, bassist of the German band H-Blockx. The band has their own podcast on iTunes where they talk about Ramones, drinking and driving, Johnny Cash and more.

The Donots have toured extensively, sharing scenes with such bands as Millencolin, Samiam, Bad Religion, All, 3 Red Colors, A, The Bloodhound Gang, Anti-Flag, NOFX, Midtown, Hot Water Music, Blink-182 , Lagwagon, The Offspring, Thrice, Fire Boy Sets, Solea, Die Toten Hosen, Jake, The Vandals, The Hives, Iggy Pop, Bombshell Rocks, AFI, The Bouncing Souls, Evade, Beatsteaks, Weezer, Strike Anywhere, Jimmy Eat World and many others.

The name of the group is found by chance; the bassist of the group, Jan-Dirk Poggemann, wanted to name the group after the pastries (the donuts, as in the television series The Simpsons), but he is wrong in the spelling and wrote Donots. The other members of the group like the name, because they find their philosophy (in English donots like do nothing, that is to say, do nothing), and suddenly keep the name. On very rare occasions, the group's name was Ibbtown Rockers in reference to their hometown.

The Donots are formed in 1993 by Ingo Knollmann on vocals, his brother Guido Knollmann on guitar, Jan-Dirk Poggemann on bass, Jens "Stone" Grimstein on guitar and Jens Trippner to the battery. Guido's favorite band is Rancid. They play for the first time on stage April 16, 1994 at Scheune in their home town of Ibbenbüren. They play in support of other local bands, then record and publish We Do Not Care demos So Why Should You? and Mellow D's and Harm on E's in 1994 and 1995, respectively. Drummer Jens Trippner is replaced by Eike Herwig in 1995.

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