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Dragonland Dragonland is a Swedish symphonic power metal band from Gothenburg. The latest studio album, Under the Gray Banner , was released in November 2011 on the AFM Records label.

The group formed in the summer of 1999, in Gothenburg >>>, but the drummer of the time Magnus Olin decides to leave the group. Jonas Heidgert (the singer of the group) takes the role of drummer while waiting to find a replacement. In 2000, the group released a first demo disc on the site MP3.com, which is a great success. It was on this date that Daniel Kvist left the group; he is replaced by Olof Mörck.

In 2001, the band released their first studio album, entitled The Battle of the Ivory Plains , and in 2002 their second, Holy War . At the same time, Robert Willstedt became the new drummer; he will remain one year, before being replaced by Jesse Lindskog. The lyrics of the first two discs are based on the series of novels Lancedragon. In 2004, the group signed to Century Media Records>, released his third album Starfall and in 2006 his fourth album Astronomy . Before the release of the last, the group publishes the single Contact >. During the year 2007, their bassist Christer Pederson left the band and was replaced by Anders Hammer. In 2009, on their official MySpace, the group gives news about their new album that should be released in 2011.

The first single of their new album is called The Shadow of the Mithril Mountains . In March 2011, the band announces its signature on AFM Records> and between the same month in studio>. In September 2011, they announce their new opus, under the Gray Banner , for November 18 via AFM Records>. In October 2011, they officially open their website>. To celebrate its 15> anniversary, the band announces the reissue of its first two albums in 2014>.

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