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dredg is an American rock band from Los Gatos, California. It was formed in 1993 and paused indefinitely in 2014.

During classes in Los Gatos, Engles and Campanella begin to play together. Once graduated from Los Gatos High School, Engles and Campanella call on their old friends Hayes and Roulette to form the group>.

The group's logo is taken from The I Ching and The Genetic Code; The Hidden Key to Life by Dr. Martin Schonberger on page 89. In 1996, Dredg recorded and released his first demos of original songs, Conscious EP>. Very little information will be revealed on these demos. In 1997, they publish what will become their musical transition, the EP Orph. He understands their first instrumental piece, Orph>. With this release, Dredg is building a name in the Bay Area, and on the East Coast as in Boston and New York.

In May 1998, Dredg independently released their first album, Leitmotif, a concept album about a man who travels the world to heal his moral illness. Written by Roulette, the group planned to make a film about this story>; but after the death of the main actor, the project falls into the water.

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