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Dritte wahl

Dritte Wahl is a German punk rock band from Rostock.

Dritte Wahl, which means "third choice" in German, plays for the first time in 1988. At Ur-Besetzung, they play with Marko " Busch'n " Busch on vocals, and Toralf " Holm " Bornhöft on bass, who leave the band in 1991. With a trio of Busch'n ( vocals, bass), Gunnar Schröder (guitar, vocals) and Jörn "Krel" Schröder (vocals, percussion), the band gains national recognition and considerable success in the punk scene German rock.

Dritte Wahl plays a deutschpunk, with significant influences from the heavy metal, and sings texts of left, very militant and politically very direct, at this period repressed by the State under the German Democratic Republic>. With their song Macht die Augen auf, they take a critical position on the riots of Rostock-Lichtenhagen in 1992. The song Mainzer Straße deals with the expulsions in the Mainzer Straße in Berlin in 1990.

On January 17, 2005, Busch'n, 35, died of stomach cancer. The remaining members decide not to dissolve the group, and to continue their career; it was Busch'n's wish. Since April 19, 2005, Stefan Ladwig, previously Crushing Caspar's guitarist, has joined them on bass.

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