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Drowning Pool is an American heavy metal band from Dallas, Texas. After the release of their first album, singer Dave Williams was found dead on Aug. 14, 2002 after a heart failure.

Jason Jones, Williams's replacement in 2003, participates in an album, "Desensitized" , but leaves the group in 2005 due to musical differences>. Ryan McCombs of the heavy metal band SOiL then replaces Jones and participates in two albums, Full Circle and Drowning Pool . However, McCombs left the group in 2011 to join SOiL>. Jasen Moreno is announced to replace McCombs in 2012, and participates in the album in "> Resilience in 2013. In 2016, the band releases the album < span class = "lang-en" lang = "fr"> Hellelujah .

The story of Drowning Pool begins in Texas; Mike Luce and C.J. Pierce leave New Orleans to join their friend Stevie Benton in Dallas. They fully express their passion for rock, feeling however that they lack a charismatic leader. Dave Williams, a regular on the Texan rock scene, seems appropriate. The singer integrates perfectly and quickly to the group, which takes on a new dimension. The name of the quartet, Drowning Pool, refers to the film of the same name, directed by Paul Newman in 1975. Their first demo lands in the hands of the band Sevendust, who invites the quartet to follow him on tour. Meetings and concerts are linked, Kittie, Hed Pe, without any contract being signed.

Known throughout the Americas, they record a second demo, which is a hit in the radio and allows them to sign on Wind-Up Records. Under the aegis of their producer Jay Baumgardner, Drowning Pool released their first album Sinner early 2002. They will participate in many festivals such as Ozzfest Ozzy Osbourne, or the Music as a Weapon Disturbed Tour. During their tour of Ozzfest 2002, in the drunkenness of this nascent notoriety, came a drama; singer Dave Williams dies in the middle of the night, on the tour bus, from heart failure, later diagnosed with cardiomyopathy >>>. Despite the shock, the group still decides to continue and look for a new singer. In 2003, the group thinks of Jason "Gong" Jones to replace Williams> and publish the album Desensitized < / span> in 2004. At this time, the group changes visual style: from a chaotic, grimacing and anti-social style led by their former singer, they spend a less violent style based on sex appeal. Despite the success of their single Step Up , the album has no more impact than Sinner , and the group announces the departure of Jason Jones on June 14, 2005, for "irreconcilable differences". "

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