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El canto del loco

El Canto del Loco (ECDL) is a Spanish pop rock band from Algete, Madrid. It is specifically categorized power pop. In 2005, the band won the award for the best Spanish performance for the MTV Europe Music Awards. The group was formed in 1994 by Dani Martín and Iván Ganchegui (who will leave the group in 2002) and has five studio albums, and a million copies sold>; it is one of the most important Spanish groups in its category >>>>>.

In February 2010, the group announces its separation.

El Canto del Loco was formed in 1994 when Dani Martín was studying at the Cristina Rota School of Dramatic Arts. Here, he meets Iván Ganchegui, a guitarist, with whom he shared the same musical tastes. Both were fans of Radio Futura and in particular of the song El canto del gallo, from which they will be inspired by the name of their band, El Canto del Loco. At this time, the band includes a drummer, a bassist and another guitarist. However, the latter will leave the group and the day before their first concert, David Otero, Dani's cousin, joins the group as a substitute.

The thresher and the bassist will also leave the band shortly thereafter. The thresher is replaced by Jandro Velázquez, an electrician by profession,> son of their friends and parents of Dani>. The bassist position is endorsed by Chema Ruiz>. With this training, the group begins to repeat in Algete, in the outskirts of Madrid, playing in front of friends who will serve as their judges.

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