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Elastica is a group of Britpop and British punk rock, originally from London, England. It was formed by two former members of Sweden and dissolved in 2001. They released their first album at Geffen Records, Elastica in March 1995. For a few months, the many MTV releases for the videos Connection and Stutter made the album , and the group, successes. The main success of this group is the 2: 1 song found on the soundtrack of the film Trainspotting. Elastica separates in 2001.

In mid-1992, former members of the Swedish group Justine Frischmann and Justin Welch decided to form a group. In the fall of the same year, bassist Annie Holland and guitarist Donna Matthews are recruited. After being called Onk, the band took the name of Elastica in October 1992. Elastica published his first single, Stutter, in October 1993, which received an advertisement from Steve Lamacq, owner of the label Deceptive Records, and BBC Radio 1, who discovered the band earlier in the year. In 1994, Elastica publishes the hit singles Line Up and Connection, then plays in different radio shows. Frischmann's relationship with Blur singer Damon Albarn leads to appearances on the cover.

Elastica's debut album, Elastica, was released in March 1995, earning first place in the UK Albums Chart>; it becomes the best-selling album since Definitely Maybe from the Oasis group. In terms of sales, the album holds the record for ten years until it is surpassed by the first album of Arctic Monkeys in 2006>. The album is preceded by a fourth single, Waking Up, which reaches the 13> place of the UK Singles Chart>.

The group will be charged and prosecuted for plagiarism. Especially by the post-punk post-punk band Wire (which Elastica counts as his influences) which accuses the band of having plagiarized their melodies Wire, and The Stranglers. Notably, Wire's I Am the Fly has a choral track similar to Elastica's Line Up >>>.

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