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Electric Wizard is a group of British doom metal and stoner metal, originally from Wimborne Minster in the Dorset region> in southwestern England. The group was formed in 1993, and has eight albums including two that revolutionized the genre, namely Come My Fanatics ... and Dopethrone. These two albums allow Electric Wizard to become one of the pillars of the doom stoner scene >>>. The sound characteristic of the band is that it incorporates sludge and stoner tones to its doom metal. Through the lyrics of their songs, we find recurring themes such as horror films, author H. P. Lovecraft or drugs.

The origins of the group go back to 1988 when Jus Oborn was the leader of the group Lord of Putrefaction. The band released three demos between 1989 and 1991, one of which is a split with Mortal Remains. In 1992, the band changed its name to Thy Grief Eternal after Adam Richardson left the band and released a demo called "On" Blackened Wings . The year 1993 saw the fact that the group decided once again to change its name for Eternal and also the fact that it released two demos. After Gavin Gillingham's departure, Jus Oborn changes his name again for Electric Wizard. The demos of the previous bands can be heard on the compilation Pre Electric Wizard 1989-1994 released in 2006.

Electric Wizard's debut is in the town of Wimborne in Dorset. The group consists of three members: Jus Oborn on vocals and guitar, Tim Bagshaw on bass and Mark Greening on drums. The band's name comes from two Black Sabbath songs namely Electric Funeral and The Wizard: the three musicians were absolute fans of 1970s rock and especially Black Sabbath, one of the groups that laid the roots of stoner rock.

In 1995, the band signed at Rise Above Records and recorded their first studio album, "Electric Wizard". Despite the fact that the album is fairly classic in the style of doom metal, it receives rather positive reviews, which encourages them to continue. That same year, they released the song Demon Lung with the group Our Haunted Kingdom which will become Orange Goblin thereafter. The year 1997 sees a turning point with the release of the album Come My Fanatics .... which imposes the sound of the group>. Indeed, the album is characterized by a powerful and monolithic heavy sound with saturated guitars. It is thanks to this album that Electric Wizard will gain public recognition. However, legal problems with some members of the group (possession of drugs, violence on a police officer, theft ...)> and also some health problems concerning Jus Oborn put the group on stand-by, but will not prevent them from going out the EP Supercoven in 1998.

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