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Elmer Food Beat ( EFB ) is a rock band from Nantes with great lyrics and humor, founded in 1986. Its 30 cm album was a great success in 1990, with titles like Daniela, The Cashier at Leclerc or Plastic is fantastic ... At the Victoires de la musique 1991, Elmer Food Beat is named best band of the year. After a difficult period, he goes to sleep in 1993. He makes a new start at the end of 2006.

Elmer Food Beat appears in the French alternative rock movement of the 1980s (Black Borer, Ludwig von 88, The Wampas, Tulaviok, The Satellites, The Butchers Boys, Mano Negra>, etc.). He gives his first concert on the day of the Fête de la Musique, June 21, 1986, Place de la Bourse, Nantes. Trained by Vincent (drums), Pats (guitar), Twistos (guitar), Manou (vocals) and Alain (bass), the band continues during the summer in the bars of Piriac-sur-Mer>. It is Alain who finds the name of the band, tribute to Elmer Fudd, the hunter in the cartoons of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck >>>>>.

In 1988, Elmer Food Beat released a self-produced Maxi 45rpm featuring the first versions of Daniela>, La Caissière by Leclerc, as well as Do you feel it? and Romeo on Juliet. It sells 6,000 copies in concerts and is distributed by New Rose. Pats becomes sound engineer. Kelu replaces him on the guitar and Kalou replaces Alain on bass. The group organizes the first of its charity concerts "Rockers have heart">.

In December 1989, at the Trans Musicales of Rennes, the Elmer Food Beat meet the team of the Off The Track label, which will produce their first three albums. On April 24, 1990, released the first of these albums, 30 cm. We find Daniela and La Caissière from Leclerc, accompanied by new titles such as Couroucoucou roploplo, The Complaint of the plowman and Plastic is fantastic ... On October 20, Daniela enters the Top 50>. In December, Elmer Food Beat sold out at the Olympia, where he received two gold albums (200,000 copies sold)>.

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