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Enslaved Enslaved is a Norwegian Viking black metal band from Haugesund founded in 1991.

Enslaved was trained in Norway in 1991 by Ivar Bjørnson and Grutle Kjellson. Drummer Trors Torson joins them in the summer of 1992 and they record their first demo. While working on their first album, the band released a split with Emperor, "Hordanes Land" . For tragic circumstances, the first Vikingligr veldi album was postponed until the spring of 1994. This album almost never saw the light of day: initially planned on Deathlike Silence Production in 1993, its release is repelled by the murder of Euronymous, owner of DSP , which is one of the events that put black metal on the front page for reasons other than music. The Norwegian label Voice of Wonder took control of DSP after the death of Euronymous, and the album was released. The album is also dedicated to Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth.

Enslaved then changed the label for the French Osmose Productions, and Frost came out at the end of 1994. Enslaved began to make himself known outside the black metal circles of the 'North Europe. This led to the Winter War Europe Tour '95, and the first tour of a Norwegian extreme group in North America. These tours were a great success, but Trym decided to join Emperor soon after. Eld, who soon became a reference in Enslaved's career, was recorded with drummer Harald Helgeson in 1997. Despite his talents, working with Harald was not a permanent solution. So the group hires Dirge Rep and Roy Kronheim, and records the successor of Eld: Blodhemn, in 1998. The record Mardraum - Beyond the Within an important point for the band's career, and sends shockwaves into the extreme metal scene. The disc is indeed very experimental and innovative. The group continues their work and goes out Monumension in 2001, and once again, the group is surprised to find that the answers to their experiments are very positive.

After returning to the UK in March 2002, Roy Kronheim must leave the group. The latter continues to work on the new album, which was a mix of the old Enslaved (the black metal side) and the new one (the experiences and the progressive side of the music). Below the Lights , recorded in 2002, is released the following year. This disc presents the perfect mix of power, traditions, progressive elements and a dark psyche. The composition process and the hard work are right the drummer Dirge, who leaves the group. A new line-up is set up during and after the recording of below the Lights , and the group now includes Cato Bekkevold (the founder of Red Harvest), Arve Isdal and Herbrand Larsen. With all these changes, Enslaved reaches new heights during his live performances, and adds important visual elements such as video projections. Kerrang! , the English magazine, rewards their performance at Inferno 2004 with a rating of 5/5>.

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