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Enthroned is a Belgian black metal band. Since its creation in 1993 by former members of the Morbid Death Group - Lord Sabathan and Cernunnos - the group has made many changes to its line-up. Enthroned released his first studio album, "Prophecies of Pagan Fire in 1995 to the Osmose Productions label. In 2013, the group announces an album celebrating the twenty years of its existence.

Enthroned was formed in Belgium in 1993 by singer and bassist Lord Sabathan and drummer Cernunnos, former members of the Morbid Death group >>>. The two later recruited former Slanesh guitarist Tsebaoth, with whom they record their first demo followed by a split EP with the band Ancient Rites>; Following the release of their first album entitled Prophecies of Pagan Fire in 1995 to the Osmose Productions label, the band added a second guitarist to his line-up, Nornagest, then a third, Nebiros, who will become Tsebaoth's replacement on the guitar.

In April 1997, a tragedy struck the group; the drummer Cernunnos commits suicide. In his memory, the group decides to compose a mini-LP titled Regie Sathanas - A Tribute To Cernunnos which will appear in 1998>. Before this LP, however, they released their second album "Towards the Skullthrone of Satan" the same year at Blackend Records.

Enthroned left the label Blackend Records in 2001, then, after recording their fourth album Armored Bestial Hell and a tour in the United States, signs a contract with Napalm Records. A year later, in 2002, the group released Carnage in Worlds Beyond , their most successful album since 1997>.

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