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Eros necropsique

Eros necropsique Eros Necropsic is a French Gothic rock band from Reims, in the Marne.

The group was formed in 1993 in Reims around Olivier Déhenne, then a student in philosophy. They start at two (Olivier and Gilles) and refuse first of all the proposals for concerts. The music of the group is dark and minimalist, the lyrics are marked by poetry, Baudelaire, Lautréamont ... Their stage performances are rare.

Their third album, Crises de lucidité, put five years out despite the support of fans. It is published in 2003 at the label Adipocere Records>, and receives a favorable opinion from the whole of the specialized press >>>. Crisis of lucidity is recorded at Melody Studio Dreux from November 3 to 17, 1997, except for The Fable of slurry, What carries the flow of life, Alcohol and Reflection of universes that are recorded from July 13 to 18, 1998.

A fourth album is under development and awaiting release since May 2006.

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