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Explosions in the sky

Explosions in the Sky is an American post-rock band from Austin, Texas. The group is on the label Temporary Residence Limited who signed them after only listening to half of their demo. They have a total of six albums and have composed music for several movies and television series including the movie Friday Night Lights.

Explosions in the Sky is a post-rock band from Austin, Texas. Mark, Munaf and Michael, who have been friends since 1993, all come from Midland and decide to move to Austin between 1996 and 1998>. As for Chris, he comes from Rockford, Illinois and arrives in Austin in early 1999 to study film at the University of Texas >>>. Incredibly bored, Christopher Hrasky places an ad in an Austin record store "Search: Sad, triumphant rock band" . The first meeting takes place in the popular Milto's Pizza Pub , an Austin restaurant, in February 1999>.

The group has been in existence since March 1999, but the official date of birth of the group is July 4th, 1999>, the day of the American National Day. The band was playing under the name of Breaker Morant> on the radio KVRX (en) where they play their song Remember me as a time of day . The recording of the song is present on the compilation Refurbished Robots (en) . When he left the radio studio> or at home>, Christopher Hrasky made a remark about the fireworks> and the group changed its name>.

They play for the first time in front of people in August 1999 for a talent show for employees of the company "Gallup Opinion Poll" . The following month, they play a second concert for a flea market whose revenues were intended for a radio station. On January 23, 2000 in Austin, they play their first "true" concert then record their first album How Strange, innocence >. The album is published in 300 copies>. In March 2000, they performed at the South by Southwest festival. They quickly acquire a good reputation (just like other local groups like Lift to Experience (en) < / span>)>. A friend, Lee Gillespie>, member of the American Analog Set (en) , would have transmitted a demo of the group at its label Temporary Residence Limited >>>. The Temporary Residence Limited label signed them in August 2000 after only listening to half of their >>> demo.

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