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Extol is a Norwegian Christian death metal band from Bekkestua. They remain active until 2007, when they announce their sudden separation and without explanation. They later announce that the separation was caused by the health problems of their singer Peter Espevoll. They resurface in 2012 with the release of an album of the same name, Extol , without re-concerts, Peter Espevoll not being able to assume.

The band is known for its mix of different musical styles, from heavy metal to progressive metal, melodic death metal and thrash. Extol is mainly considered a melodic progressive / death metal band, and is gaining popularity through its first recordings in this style. The guitarists Ole Børud and Christer Espevoll contribute significantly to the virtuosity of Extol's compositions. Each member of the group shares the Christian faith, which is transparent in their themes and texts.

In contract with Century Media Records, Extol has four studio albums, as well as two EPs. The group is renowned for its technique and precision. The latest album, The Blueprint Dives , has been awarded the Spellemannprisen prize in the Best Metal Album category of 2005. The band is touring Europe and in the United States, alongside groups such as Antestor, Mastodon and Opeth. Throughout his career, Extol has more than 500,000 albums sold worldwide.

Extol was formed in 1993 in Bekkestua, Norway, by drummer David Husvik and guitarist Christer Espevoll (both 16), two cousins ​​who have been playing together since autumn 1993 and want to start a band >>>> >. Christer's brother, Peter (14), is recruited for the vocal part >>>. Bassist Eystein Holm joins the group just before their first concert on May 17, 1994 >>>. In an interview, Peter explains the group's name: "Extol means" to exalt, to elevate what one glorifies ", and that is exactly what one does. We want to give all glory to God through our concerts and our music. Extol wants to extend its musical style over traditional heavy metal. For AllMusic's copywriter Mike DaRonco, the band decides to show more of their progressive side, rather than just focusing on their image. This change brings the need for a second guitarist, need that Emil Nikolaisen, of the group Royal fills in 1995>.

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