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Exumer is a German thrash metal band from Frankfurt am Main, Hesse>. Formed in 1985, the band split after two demos, and two albums in 1991, but reformed in 2008 after a brief reformation in 2001 at the Wacken Open Air.

The group was initially formed in 1984 under the name of Tartaros in Frankfurt am Main, in the state of Hesse>. Ray Mensh meets Mem Von Stein on Wednesday 19 June 1985 at a Slayer concert of the Hell Awaits 1985 tour at the Hugenottenhalle in Neu- Isenburg, in the suburbs of Frankfurt. They quickly decided to form a band together, but they needed a second guitarist and a drummer. Ray Mensh knew another guitarist, Paul Arakaki, and Mem Von Stein a drummer, Syke Bornetto, with whom he had already played under the name of Tartaros in 1984. Exumer was then formed.

The youth of 16-year-old Paul Arakaki only allowed him to play occasionally with the band, and he was quickly replaced by Bernie Siedler, an acquaintance of Ray Mensh, before joining the band again two years later. The name Exumer comes from a suggestion of the father of Mem Von Stein, who proposed to the group to opt for the name Exhumer ( "dig up" in English) by removing h for that name to be their own. Mem Von Stein presented Exumer as the American thrash metal band from Germany. Their first show is so violent that they get banned from the concert hall. Their first album, Possessed by Fire , was published in 1986, a few weeks after the departure of Mem Von Stein. After their second album, Rising from the Sea , published in 1987, the band breaks up>.

In 2009, Exumer made a demo called Waking the Fire . In 2010, Paul Arakari and J.P. Rapp leave the band, and are replaced by guitarist H.K. and drummer Matthias Kassner, respectively. In 2011, the band signed to Metal Blade Records, and announced a new album in 2012>.

Their third studio album, "Fire and Damnation" , was released on April 6, 2012. This is their first album in 25 years since Rising from the Sea (1987). In July 2013, Exumer announces his separation from guitarist H.K>. The following year, August 1, 2014, Holger "H.K." Kolb dies after a fight against cancer>.

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