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F. R. David , whose real name is Elli Robert Fitoussi , born January 1, 1947 in Menzel Bourguiba (Tunisia) is a French singer.

He began his career with composer Michel Colombier, on the album Capot Pointu (1968), some of whose songs were written by Serge Gainsbourg. We also see him with bands like Clovers and Boots before he joins Les Variations for their last album. Accompanied by Marc Tobaly, guitarist of this last group, he founded King of Heart. In 1973, he collaborated with Vangelis, playing the songs of the album Earth. In 1982, he released the single Words he composed with the lyricists Martin Kupersmith & Louis S. Yaguda and which will be n> 1 in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Norway as well as n> 2 in the United Kingdom and the Countries -Low. He later released a few other singles, which will meet with less success.

In 1984, he translated in English the song Maman is wrong, became My mum is wrong, still played by Mylène Farmer. The 1990s will be under the sign of the Oriental exodus. Indeed the removal of the iron curtain pushes the limits of his music to Vladivostok. So he moved to Estonia where he gradually regained his taste for life. He collaborated in 1991 on the album of Saint-Preux Phytandros. In July 2012, he made a noticed appearance in Limoux for the Village departure show on France 3, as part of the Tour de France. He plays his single Words.

In 2003, F.R. David co-produced Funkbuster, an electro concept, with a vocalist with Jacksonian vocal colors, Zack. Funkbuster takes hits like the famous Do not Stop Till You Get Enough from Michael Jackson, Fresh, from Kool and the gang or Do not leave me this way from The Communards. Nearly 100,000 singles are sold and this compilation of covers is ranked in the French Top 50.

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