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Famous last words

Famous Last Words is a song from the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance. This is the second single of their third album, The Black Parade.

The Famous Last Words video was made by Samuel Bayer and was filmed before the band named the song. The clip shows My Chemical Romance in 'Black Parade' clothes playing in front of big flames. All members of The Black Parade have abandoned the group, and it seems to be in a desperate state. Gerard Way is particularly rough, and he seems almost dead or very sick because of the makeup he wears, especially around the eyes. This makeup is similar to that worn by "the patient" in the video "Welcome to the Black Parade" (the two clips follow each other).

Although this video is a fairly basic concept compared to previous videos, it is considered by fans to be by far one of the group's darkest videos. In an interview, Gerard Way says it was written at "the darkest period in the career of this group." At the end of the video, the Welcome to the Black Parade video flag is burning.

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