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Five Iron Frenzy , also known as Five Iron or FIF , is an American Christian ska group, originally from Denver, in the Colorado. It was formed in 1995, dissolved in 2003, and reformed in 2011. The band's music was more influenced by ska and punk rock, but their influence was also heavy metal.

Five Iron Frenzy is launched as a side project to Reese Roper's band, Keith Hoerig, Micah Ortega, and Scott Kerr, Exhumator. Exhumator is originally oriented thrash metal, but its members do not agree with this style. They will only release the song Spam Jam, on the compilation Green Manna (Fifty280 Records). At the beginning of May 1995, the group recruited members and started ska in June after the arrival of Brad Dunham >>>. The band, without Micah, Jeff, and Dennis, plays in an impromptu way at the Cornerstone festival in 1995. The concert involves Ghoti Hook (before their signature at Tooth & Nail), and the public sees the presence of Alex Parker of the label Flying Tart Records>. The concert was to be closed by Andrew Mandell of Crashdog and Ballydowse, which was not the case. The group attributes its success to this competition and Five Iron comes back the following year with a contract in his pocket.

In August, Culp and Leanor Ortega formally join the group, completing the first training course. The primary goal of the group is to become popular locally>; then they play in opening for Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, and Skankin 'Pickle, in 66 concerts and eight months. They play at the same time in churches> as at the Cornerstone festival in 1996 >>>>>. They honor Christian labels such as Alarma, Tooth & Nail Records, and Brainstorm Artists International >>>, before signing on Frank Tate's 5 Minute Walk Records in August >>>.

Their first album, Upbeats and Beatdowns, is recorded in September and published in November 1996. His national release in April 1997 was a hit for Five Iron, as the album reached 39> Top Contemporary Christian in the Billboard> standings. During the release of their second album, Upbeats has 50,000 copies sold. The clip of the title A Flowery Song is nominated for a Dove Award in the category best short film>. This year, the band passes it on the roads, playing 150 concerts. Before that, the group supported social causes. Their song Where the Zero Meets the Fifteen, which draws attention to the cause of the homeless, is broadcast on the radio. In October, the band plays Rock Your Socks Off>.

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