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Flema is an Argentine punk rock band from Avellaneda, in the province of Buenos Aires. He was trained in 1986 and led by Ricky Espinosa until his death in 2002.

The origins of the group are traced back to a period during which Juan Manuel Fandiño began to form a punk rock band. Fandiño is the one who gives him the name and contributes to the first 20 songs recorded in his parents' old house - which he calls La Covacha - as a rehearsal room. Flema was formed in 1986 and Fandiño used schoolmates; Juan Fandiño, Mariano Vilela, and Pablo Pérez to play.

Then the bass player Mariano Vilela leaves the group, and Pablo Sara (bass) and Fernando Cordera (vocals) are recruited. Juan Fandiño auditioned Ricardo Espinosa, then Sebastian Corona and finally Pablo Sara, who was replaced by Alejandro Boffelli, a friend of Ricky. After the departure of most of its original members. Espinosa rearranges the group that now includes brothers Fernando and Santiago Rossi, and musicians such as Pepe Carballo, Luichy Gribaldo, and Gonzalo Díaz Colodrelo.

In 1986, they record live for the compilation Invasión 88, with other Argentine groups, like Comando Suicida and Attack 77>. The group gets its first interview with the Argentinian magazine Pelo. Until then guitarist, Ricky Espinosa takes the role of singer and joins the group brothers Santiago and Fernando Rossi, and Alejandro Alsina

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