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In biology, in flowering plants (angiosperms), the flower is the organ of sexual reproduction and all the "envelopes" that surround it. After pollination, the flower is fertilized and transformed into fruit containing the seeds. The flowers can be solitary, but they are most often grouped in inflorescences.

Early on, the flowers attracted the attention of humans, who use them and cultivate them for ornamentation (crown of flowers), for interior ornamentation (cut flowers, bouquets, ikebana) and outdoor (gardens, flowerbeds, etc.). They are used in perfumery, for their fragrances, as well as in dyeing, for their pigments. Edible flowers are used for the preparation of drinks and dishes.

Flowers have often inspired artists, painters, poets, sculptors and decorators. The flower culture is floriculture, a branch of horticulture.

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