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For the fallen dreams

For the Fallen Dreams is an American metalcore band formed in 2003. In 2012, they signed with the American label Artery Recordings from which the group separated in 2013 and, therefore, resigned with their former label Rise Records.

They released three demos, one EP, and six albums so far: Changes (2008), Relentless (2009), Back Burner (2011) and Wasted Youth (2012), Heavy Hearts (2014) and Six (2018).

The band formed in 2003 as a Deathcore band with Aaron Long, Jim Hocking, Andrew Tkaczyk and Chris Ash.

After playing several concerts in their hometown, Lansing, and replacing Aaron Long with Andrew Juhl on vocals, the band released their first demo, For the Fallen Dreams, in 2005 that includes four tracks.

This is the only demo where the music is more geared towards Deathcore.

After the release of this demo, the group endured many line-up changes, mostly due to the departure of rhythm guitarists and bass players, which changed their musical style, the Deathcore.

The band has therefore abandoned the Deathcore for a more Hardcore and more melodic sound, the melodic Hardcore or the Metalcore.

From this new musical direction they released an EP, New Beginnings which was the first EP with Chad Ruhlig on vocals, who played bass rather for the band before. This EP contains songs that are present on their first album, Changes.

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