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Forgotten tomb

Forgotten Tomb is a group of black and Italian doom metal, originally from Piacenza, in Emilia-Romagna.

Forgotten Tomb was formed in 1999 by Herr Morbid (guitar, voice, drums and programming) and Torment (bass). Herr Morbid quickly finds himself alone, and the one-man-band delivers from the start music considered cold, hateful, misanthropic and depressed. With the release in 2000 of their first official recording, their promotional Obscura Arcana Mortis, published in 215 copies, the group is attributed with a suicidal reputation for this violent and misanthropic opus. Her cover is censored (she represented a baby with a gun in her mouth, getting ready to shoot). After this solitary period and the release of a promotional cassette, Sebstmord Services contacts Herr Morbid for production.

In 2002 released Songs to Leave , one of the most recognized albums of Forgotten Tomb, strongly inspired by the debut of Dolorian, Burzum (period Filosofem ) and Shining >>>. This album is more depressive, more doom than the last one, with slower rhythms, heavier, songs reaching up to ten minutes of average, a music qualified sometimes of quite repetitive. It will be reissued at Adipocere Records in 2005. Right after, Wedebrand (former Shining drummer) joins Herr Morbid. Their album Springtime Depression , recorded and mixed at Abyss Studios, is published in 2003 >>>.

In 2006, the group signed with the label Avantgarde Music>, and published the same year a reissue of the album Springtime Depression . Clear voices are present on the latter. Forgotten Tomb gradually leaves oppressive and dark atmospheres, letting a little light pierce the dark (the end of Blood and Concrete ). At the end of 2006, the band announced the album Negative Megalomanian , which will be released in 2007. This album, less repetitive than the last, mix the violence of the experience of the promo Mortis , and the depression of the first real album. This is the blackest misdeed of Herr Morbid. Wedebrand then leaves the band, and Herr Morbid, who then wishes to perform on stage, decides to recruit musicians: Razor SK (guitar), Algol (bass) and Asher (drums) answer the call. In 2004 released the album Love's Burial Ground , delivered in two editions: the one normal edition with the censored cover of the first opus and the other in collector's edition with a silver sheath.

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