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Foster the People is an American indie pop band. Formed in 2009, the group currently consists of singer Mark Foster, drummer Mark Pontius, guitarist Sean Cimino and keyboardist Isom Innis. Phil Danyew and Tyler Halford are the two side members of the group, who accompany them during concerts. On September 23, 2015, the group officially announced on their social networks the departure of bassist Cubbie Fink. On a collective decision, he leaves the group to "pursue other opportunities".

Their debut album Torches was released in 2011 with Pumped Up Kicks, Helena Beat, Call It What You Want, Do not Stop (Color on the Walls) and Houdini as main titles. The album earned them two nominations at the Grammy Awards. Their second album, Supermodel, was released on March 17, 2014>. The first single from the album is Coming of Age. The second single is Best Friend. In April 2017, the group unveils three pieces; Play the Man, Doing It for the Money and SHC. They announce the release of the third album>. Sacred Hearts Club is published on July 21, 2017.

During his studies at Cleveland High School, Mark Foster - the band's singer and lead songwriter - was awarded a professional aptitude test in the US Air Force. However, the prospect of fighting in Iraq makes him hesitate. Supported by his father, and after graduating, Foster moved to his uncle's home in Sylmar, near Los Angeles, California, to pursue a musical career. Performing various odd jobs during the day, he began the evening to go to parties in Hollywood to build a network. Foster, in his early years in Los Angeles, fights addiction to drugs: "There was that dark side in me. My friends thought I was about to die. I was blind to drugs. When I was 19, it came to a point where I said, "Too much is too much" ... I did not do much. I was not productive>. "

Several attempts to found a group failed. After his 22 years, he says he was contacted by Aftermath Entertainment to perform and show them his musical talents, but the opportunity finally fell by the wayside. In the following years, Mark Foster worked in a café while facing the problem of the blank page, but he still remained in Los Angeles after landing a job as a songwriter composer for Mophonics. He said of this experience, "I really learned what works from a commercial point of view," and he acknowledged that this work had made him feel confident about the scene. The music that Foster composes covers a wide range of genres, but he struggled to reconcile his eclectic compositions. He explained: "I wanted to write a song and it would have been a hip-hop song, then I wanted to write a song that would have been very electronic, then another that would have been more spiritual, and yet another which would have been a piece of classical piano. I was constantly trying to give all these elements, it took me six years to get there. "His desire to belong to a band was still great: considering a concert where he played electronic music, he said:" There was only me and a synthesizer. Really, it was appalling. I knew I needed a group ">.

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