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Fozzy is an American heavy metal band from Texas. The singer is Chris Jericho, who is best known for being a wrestler at All Elite Wrestling. Fozzy is known for making covers of songs and playing them in their own way, especially for their first two albums, Fozzy (eponymous album) and Happenstance . The group is composed of Chris Jericho on vocals, Rich Ward on lead guitar (some songs are performed by Ward), Billy Gray on guitar, Paul Di Leo on bass and Frank Fontsere on drums.

Chris Jericho explains on Fozzy: "We decided to play characters and pretend that the songs we were playing were actually our songs and were stolen when we were stuck in Japan because of a bad recording contract>. Behind Jericho, the band is forming musicians from former metal bands, including members of Stuck Mojo. Chris Jericho originally embodied the character of "Moongoose McQueen" , but abandoned it in 2004. Jericho also sometimes claims that Moongoose and Jericho are two totally different people. He now uses more often his professional wrestler name, better known (his real name being Christopher Irvine). The first two albums of Fozzy include mainly covers of songs. In their third album, they are all original songs.

Fozzy is a cover band set up by Stuck leader Mojo Rich Ward with all the musicians he could find in a week.

The group was originally called Fozzy Osbourne, in tribute to singer Ozzy Osbourne, of which Rich Ward was a fan. Chris Jericho had even adopted the style of Ozzy (including his haircut).

In 1999, Chris Jericho met Rich Ward in San Antonio after a wrestling show. Ward invited Jericho to play with his group. Jericho joined them for a few sessions, but he did not intend to stay with them. Jericho left Fozzy Osbourne. In 2000, Jericho suffered a serious ankle injury and was unable to fight for four months. He decided to join Fozzy Osbourne again. The band goes on tour, this time with Jericho as leader.

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