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Frankenstein drag queens from planet 13

The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 is an American horror punk band from Landis, North Carolina. This is one of the best known glamster projects on Wednesday 13th (Murderdolls, solo project Wednesday 13th, etc.). Became cultured thanks to the growing success of its creator, the group knows yet very difficult beginnings, thus following a destiny to Ed Wood, who has also always been their main source of inspiration.

Founded in March 1996 by Wednesday 13, The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 is reborn from the ashes of Maniac Spider Trash, his former band, which he gets the drummer Sicko Zero. Mastering himself the song and the guitar, he invites the bassist Seaweed (ex-Body Lice) to join them, and FDQ takes shape>.

The band is exclusively directed by Wednesday, who writes all the songs: he finds his inspiration in the heart of glam-rock (Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister, Mötley Crüe, Kiss ...) and horror and science movies -fiction that he has had since childhood (Ed Wood, George Romero, Hammer films, etc.). The band is thus inventing a universe that is both fun and blood, guts and gore, according to the words of its leader ( "blood, class and mollard" ): Black humor, extreme makeup, dresses and wigs, everything is deliberately done in excess. When asked why they chose such a group name, Wednesday 13 replies that they try to make things as complicated as possible and that having a long name is part of this principle. " And to annoy those who must write it, and take all the place on the billboards of the places where one plays ". "

The formations follow one another, Wednesday being the only fixed member of the group: Seaweed is returned at the end of 1996 (and is momentarily replaced by a man named Rat Bastard), but it is finally he who will participate in the recording of The Late, Late, Late Show, and will be one of the most "stable" members of the Frankenstein Drag Queens.

After the release of this first album, drummer Sicko Zero left the band in December 1996, and a new band was born, with drummer Scabs and guitarist Creepy, as well as Seaweed and Wednesday. These two new members are quickly fired and replaced by Abby Normal (guitarist, ex-Maniac Spider Trash) and RS Saidso (drummer), with whom Wednesday had played a few years earlier in Silly Scream. Wednesday had left the band after a month and did not like Saidso, but, deprived of drummer, he still accepts it in the group. Without Sicko the group is not the same, but things still go well until the old quarrels reappear.

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