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From autumn to ashes

From Autumn to Ashes is an American post-hardcore band from Long Island, New York. Their first album, Too Bad You're Beautiful, was released in 2002, and is characterized by a great hardcore violence, and emotional moods. The melodic incarnations are there with the Chloroform Perfume acoustic piece, and the guitars are heavy and worked solo. In 2003 released The Fiction We Live which devotes the group as one of the main emo combos. Signed at the very popular independent label Vagrant Records (The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional), they incorporate in this new record much more vocals, although their compositions remain violent.

In 2005, Abandon Your Friends comes out, and makes way for more "calm" titles with more room for Francis Mark to sing. In 2007, A Wolf By The Ears Holding came out, this last album taking more or less the rhythms of The Fiction We Live.

From Autumn to Ashes is formed in Long Island, New York, in 2000 with Francis Mark (drums / vocals), Brian Deneeve (guitar) and Benjamin Perri (vocals)> - Perri then delivers screaming, while Mark s 'occupies the song cmair>. The group also employs a guitarist, Steve, at the time the project was to be "just for fun" and "was not serious ">. Regarding the name of the group, Scott Gross (guitar), who will join the band afterwards, explains: "you will never have the answer on this subject, because it will lead to little thing at the end to the group " and that " nobody will know the reason and we will continue to keep the secret. The term Autumn is attributed to both the season and a character that the group has created. Mark and Gross planned to use the character in a book.

During the first few months of touring, From Autumn to Ashes claims to have sold half of their equipment, a car, and spent between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 doing demos and distributing them by hand. Gross and Mike Pilato (bass) join the group as they try to find a record company. They say: "we have been eating out labels, a lot of calls to make people shit. In 2001, From Autumn to Ashes performed on Long Island with the bands Ferret Music, Skycamefalling and Martyr AD>. The next day, the founder of Ferret Music, Carl Severson came into contact with the group and they were signed in 2001>.

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