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Julius Fučík (23 February 1903 - 8 September 1943) is a writer, Czechoslovakian journalist, theater critic, an active member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party and one of the main resistance to Nazism. He was imprisoned, tortured and killed.

Julius Fučík was born into a working class family, his father working in the metal industry. His uncle is the composer Julius Ernest Wilhelm Fučík. In 1913, the Fučík family moved from Prague to Plzeň where Julius studied at the public high school. Already at 12, he wants to establish a newspaper called "Slovan" (The Slave) and shows a certain interest in politics and literature. During his adolescence, he plays.

In 1920 he began studying in Prague and joined the Czechoslovak Social Democratic Party of Workers, before ending up in his left wing currents. In May 1921, this branch of the party founded the Czechoslovak Communist Party. Fučík then writes cultural contributions for the local communist newspaper in Plzeň.

After finishing his studies, Fučík found an editor position in the literary newspaper Kmen and became involved in the avant-garde artistic movement Devětsil. He became responsible for cultural work in the Czechoslovak Communist Party. In 1929 he joined the magazine of literary critic František Xaver Šalda, Tvorba. In addition, he continued to work for the communist daily Rudé Právo and other newspapers. During this period he was arrested several times by the Czechoslovak police and managed to avoid an eight-month prison sentence in 1934.

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