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Fugazi is an American post-hardcore band from Washington. It was formed in 1987. The name of the group comes directly from the acronym used by the GIs, during the Vietnam War, when they were in a very bad situation, Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In, - literally: "I'm fucking, ambushed, can not go out anymore. "

Fugazi is one of the rare examples of groups that have achieved good notoriety while staying true to independent recording and distribution labels, following the spirit of DIY punk ethic. The band has rarely charged more than $ 5 or $ 10 for their concerts in the United States and has always wanted them to be open to all ages. It is MacKaye, in particular, who insists on this point, remembering being rejected from clubs as a teenager . Fugazi has also always kept the price of his albums around $ 10, and has never sold derivatives such as t-shirts or posters.

All of the band's albums have been released on Dischord Records, co-managed by Ian MacKaye and former Minor Threat drummer Jeff Nelson.

After the ephemeral and influential punk band Minor Threat breaks apart, Ian MacKaye (singer and guitarist) decides to get involved in several groups with a short life, including emo group Emo. MacKaye was saying then that he wanted a project that would be "like Stooges with reggae" , but was reluctant to form a new group after Embrace's separation. MacKaye remembers: "My goal was not necessarily to form a band, but to be with people who would like to play music with me". "

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