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Fun People is a hardcore hardcore punk band from Campana, Buenos Aires Province. Formed in 1989, the band sings in English and Spanish (not to mention a few other languages)>. He defends social rights, LGBTs, animals, children, and advocates vegetarianism, and self-esteem. Although independent, the group is noted by the local and international specialized press.

In July 1989, in the city of Campana, in the province of Buenos Aires; Gus Pepa (bass), Cape (guitar), Blacky (drums) and Carlos "Nekro" Rodríguez (voice), try as Anesthesia (in tribute to Cliff Burton, first bassist of Metallica and his song (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth). The group originally advocated ecology, with Blacky and Nekro being activists of Green Violence, a group of animal rights activists. On April 6, they play, with N.F.I. and Erven Luca, Teatro Coliseo de Zárate>.

During the concerts, Cape withdraws from the group, and is replaced by Fabian Vichigoy, in La Plata, in a death metal festival. At this time, they team up with Jonathan Scarcha, for the recording of a first demo, Anesthesia, which appears on the Desarme y sabores ocmpilation, distributed to 300 copies. Meanwhile, Gus Pepa leaves the group, and is replaced by Marcelito "La Vieja" . This training lasts only one year. Blacky leaves for Santa Fe, and is replaced by his brother, Tavo. After a concert in the capital, Chuli is replaced by Gus Pepa on bass, and Tavo is replaced by Marianito (drummer of Visión Critica). Subsequently without a drummer or guitarist, Chuli recruits his friend, "El Gato" , on drums.

The band split in 2001. It does not reform occasionally during concerts.

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