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Further Seems Forever is an American rock band from Pompano Beach, Florida. Formed in 1998, the group is dissolved in 2006, and reformed in 2010.

Throughout their career, they are experiencing many singer changes (a different one for each of their three studio albums). Original singer Chris Carrabba recorded the first album The Moon Is Down in 2001, before leaving the group for his personal project Dashboard Confessional. He is replaced by Jason Gleason, who came from the Affinity group, who performed the vocal parts of the 2003 album How to Start a Fire. Gleason left the band in 2004 following tensions with the rest of the musicians and was replaced by Sense Field singer Jon Bunch for the band's latest studio album, Hide Nothing.

The band's music is often classified as independent rock but is frequently associated with the emo movement. They were also classified as Christian rock because of the religious beliefs of some of the members, some themes evoked in the lyrics, their contract with the Tooth & Nail Records label and their concerts at Christian music festivals such as the Cornerstone Festival. Despite this, the band repeatedly explained that they were not a Christian rock band, but rather a rock band with Christian members.

The group is formed in Pompano Beach, Florida, after the breakup of the hardcore punk band Strongarm. Strongarm guitarists Josh Colbert and Nick Dominguez, bassist Chad Neptune and drummer Steve Kleisath recruit Vacant Andys singer Chris Carrabba to form Further Seems Forever. The first song of the band is called Vengeance Factor which appears on the compilation of the Deep Elm Records label An Ocean of Doubt: The Emo Diaries, Chapter Four , which helps to associate the band with the emo genre. Their first more consistent recording is a split-EP with their friends Recess Theory, from Florida, whose title From the 27th State is released under the label Takehold Records, and soon the band signs a deal with the Seattle Tooth & Nail Records label.

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