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Galactic cowboys

Galactic Cowboys is an American heavy metal band from Houston, Texas. They mix progressive metal, vocal style inspired by The Beatles, and thrash metal group techniques like Anthrax. They are described as "arguably the most melodic metal band that has existed among Christians or in markets in general". "

During his life, the band plays with metal and hard rock bands like Anthrax, Dream Theater, King's X and Overkill.

The Galactic Cowboys were formed in 1989 in Houston, Texas, on the initiative of bassist Monty Colvin and drummer Alan Doss of The Awful Truth. At the separation of Awful Truth, Colvin and Doss join singer Ben Huggins and guitarist Dane Sonnier to form Galactic Cowboys.

In 1990, the group signed to the Geffen Records label and released its first self-titled album in 1991. Despite the good reception, the group was ignored by the label because of the success of Nevermind Nirvana at the same time. After low sales and some tours, they return to the studio and publish Space in Your Face in 1993. Space ... allows the group to be popularized significantly>. The album contains some minor hits like If I Were A Killer and I Do What I Do , which regularly aired on the US channel MTV and ZROCK radio. The group participates in the movie in "> Airheads , released in 1994, under the name of Sons of Thunder>. The song they play for the movie, "Do not Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful , will not be published anywhere>.

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