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Gamma Ray is a German power metal band from Hamburg. He was trained in 1989 by Kai Hansen, former guitarist and singer of Helloween. The band released their first album, Heading for Tomorrow , in 1990. They then recorded Sigh No More released in 1991. The third album, Insanity and Genius released him in 1993.

Released in 1995 the concept album Land of the Free where Michael Kiske, then out of the band Helloween, made an appearance on the track Time to Break Free in particular, as well as Hansi Kürsch, the voice of Blind Guardian, on several titles including Farewell . The group hosts Henjo Richter on guitar and Dan Zimmermann on drums. It is with this training that the group will come out in 1997, and Power Plant in 1999>. Then came in 2001 the album No World Order! which proposes more aggressive songs and with a more "heavy" sound, inspired by Judas Priest and other idols of the 1980s of Kai and other members.

The album entitled To the Metal is published in Europe on January 29, 2010 at the Edel Records label. In early 2014, the band announces the release of its eleventh album, "Empire of the Undead" in CD, CD / DVD digipack, LP and digital formats the earMusic label on March 28, 2014.

In 1988, Kai Hansen decided to leave the band Helloween, in full tension with his label and other members of the band, to set up his own band, Gamma Ray. He surrounds himself with Ralf Scheepers on vocals, Uwe Wessel on bass and Mathias Burchardt on drums. On the group's first album released in 1990, Dirk Schlächter and Piet Sielck make appearances as guests.

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