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Gatillazo is a Spanish punk rock band from Salvatierra (Álava). He was trained in 2004 by Evaristo, a former member of La Polla Records. "We never wanted to do it, but the circumstances did that. It was necessary, and we fell without regret into the trap. We could have avoided it, but we would also have died of hunger: chicken that does not rattle, gatillazo that resonates ", explains Evaristo Páramos>.

After the death of Fernandito, drummer of La Polla Records in September 2002, Evaristo decided to join the guitarist of Kañería 13, Osoron (Jon Zubiaga), Yul and Txerra of RIP. The band adopts the name of The Kagas, with which they give only three concerts and release an album in November 2002. Then, in 2004, with the same formation, they renamed The Meas and, like their predecessor, give only a few concerts and publish a single album>.

Subsequently, Evaristo found himself at the head of a new group in mind: in early 2004, he formed Gatillazo with two former colleagues of La Polla, Txiki (guitar) and Tripi (drums), and Osoron (this once on the guitar) and Xabi (bass). Evaristo confirms that Gatillazo will not be a punctual project, like The Kagas or The Meas, which were, in his words, "air strikes without return" . Soon, they record a good handful of songs. Thus, in March 2005, released their first album of the same name, including 21 songs, after having sorted>.

In September 2006, Gatillazo announced, through its official website, a change of members. Xabi, the bass player, leaves the group and is replaced by Mikel >>>.

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