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Gioachino Rossini - Gioacchino Rossini for some francophone authors> and Giovacchino Antonio Rossini for the civil status> - is an Italian composer born on the 29th February 1792 in Pesaro (then in the Papal States) and died November 13, 1868 in Passy, ​​Paris.

One of the greatest composers of the XIX century, by the importance and the quality of his repertoire, his name is mainly related to opera: his most popular works are still today The Barber of Seville, La Cenerentola (after Cinderella), The Thieving Pie, The Italian in Algiers, The Turk in Italy and William Tell. He has also left sacred music, including a Stabat Mater> and a solemn Little Mass> composed in his later years.

A bon vivant and gourmet at the famous table, he composed culinary pages, giving them the name of his operas ("Bites of the Thieving Pie", "Guillaume Tell Pie") and baptize his Sins of Old Age (en) according to its greedy inspiration (Romantic Hachis, Small waltz with castor oil). "Tournedos Rossini" is a famous recipe named in his honor, which some authors attribute to him paternity.

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