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Girugämesh ( / span>, Girugamesshu > ) is a group of nu metal and Japanese visual kei, originally from Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo. During its existence, the group includes the label Danger Crue Records.

The name of the group is not directly inspired by Gilgamesh, a heroic character from ancient Mesopotamia but comes from the name of a recurring character in the Final Fantasy video game, Gilgamesh. It is proposed by Яyo for its sound and not for the legend associated with it. The group breaks up on July 10, 2016>.

The group was formed in 2003> in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo. Shuu and Nii are friends since the primary>.

Girugämesh starts on March 24, 2004 with a concert at Moto Yawata Route14 with Satoshi, Nii, ShuU and Яyo >>>. On the occasion of this first appearance, the demo is distributed in 100 copies. Their first maxi-single, ~ Kikaku kata enban ~, goes on sale August 15 during a concert at Takadanobaba Area. The two singles Jelato and → Mikongyaku are offered the same month to the public on August 3 and 24 respectively. A few months later, the second edition of ~ Kikaku kata enban ~ took the 10th place in the Oricon Indies ranking. The end of 2004 is divided between a series of concerts and the release of their second maxi-single ~ Kyosaku kata enban ~. The 2,000 copies of this single are sold in three weeks. A second draw is then available on January 25, 2005.

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