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God Dethroned is a Dutch death metal band from Beilen. It was formed in 1991 by the singer Henri Sattler, then dissolved in 2011. The group announces its return on stage for 2015.

God Dethroned was formed in 1991 by singer and guitarist Henri Sattler, with Hans Leegstra (guitar) and Ard de Weerd. Sattler and Leegstra are former members of the Dysentery group; Leegstra, shortly after the formation of the band, left, with Sattler, the musical scene. They record a demo, in 1991, and are joined by Marco Arends on bass. Their first album, The Christhunt , is marketed to the German record label Shark>. Meanwhile, Arends leaves the group (to join Altar) and is replaced by Marcel Beukeveld. The Christhunt gets no success; the label refuses to present their rat idea dissected on the cover and does not make any promotion. Dethroned became inactive the following year, partly because of an anti-Christian divergence between Sattler and the other members of the group; Sattler forms a new group Ministry of Terror.

In 1996, following the release of the album "Fall of Life" in 1994, and a related European promotional tour (with Impaled Nazarene ), Sattler again forms God Dethroned with guitarist Jens van der Valk (who does not share Sattler's anti-Christian cause), bassist Beef, and drummer Roel Sanders. With this line-up, the band signed to Metal Blade Records, and released The Grand Grimoire in Europe in 1997; the album was released in the United States the following year, accompanied by a reissue of "The Christhunt" , with the cover of the dissected rat>.

The Grand Grimoire gives a better impact than The Christhunt , and the group is becoming popular. The line-up composed of Sattler, Van Der Valk, Beef and Sanders would record the album "=" en "> Bloody Blasphemy , considered by the fans as the best of the band nowadays. Successful tours and evenings with Marduk, Immortal, and Deicide follow. After Bloody Blasphemy , Sanders leaves the group and is replaced by the Puerto Rican drummer Tony Laureano>. Laureano plays in the group until 2003, then receives the offer to join the group Nile>. He will only record one album with the band, Ravenous released in 2001. A new drummer is engaged, Ariën van Weesenbeek, and the band enters in the studio in late 2002 to record Into the Lungs of Hell . However, divergences emerge within the group, as Beef and Jens, dissatisfied with the band's musical direction, want to borrow a heavier and more extreme sound with more anti-Christian lyrics, while Sattler seeks to keep a its melodic and dark with lyrics that draw inspiration from darkness, horror, nihilism, and other similar themes. After the recording of the album Into the Lungs of Hell and subsequent tours, the bass player and the guitarist leave the band, and Henri Sattler must still find new members. Bassist Henk Zinger quickly joined the ranks, and Ariën van Weesenbeek recommended Belgian guitarist Isaac Delahaye to the group. This line-up joined a few tours and entered the studio to record the album The Lair of the White Worm appeared in 2005 >>>.

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