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Golden earring Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band from The Hague. The group will have several international hits: Eight Miles High (1969), Love Radar (1973), Twilight Zone (1982) >>>. In the Netherlands, the team wins thirty gold and platinum discs. Golden Earring is one of the first European rock bands to tour the United States in 1969. Since 1984, they have performed more than fifteen tours in more than forty states, including Hawaii.

The group was formed in 1961 in The Hague, under the name of Golden Earrings, after a song by Marlene Dietrich, (the 's' will be removed later in 1969)>. It is formed by George Kooymans, at the time 13 years, and his neighbor of 15, Rinus Gerritsen. They were originally called the Tornados, before being called The Golden Earrings after discovering that The Tornados was already taken by another group>. The name of the Golden Earrings is taken from an instrumental track called Golden Earrings by the British group The Hunters, for whom they played opening and closing in concert. Originally pop-rock oriented, and alongside Frans Krassenburg on vocals, and Jaap Eggermont on drums, The Golden Earrings is successful with his single Please Go, recorded in 1965. He reaches the charts in the Netherlands >. Dissatisfied with the Dutch studios, their artistic agent Fred Haayen decided to have them record their next single at London's Pye Records studios. They record That Day, which reaches the second place on the charts.

In 1967 Barry Hay joined the band, replacing Krassenburg on vocals. The following year, they reach the first place of the Dutch charts with the single Dong Dong Diki Digi Dong. In the United States, they make themselves known thanks to the DJ of the East Coast FM radio, Neil Kempfer-Stocker. This single is followed by their first album Eight Miles High, which includes an 18-minute version of The Byrds' single Eight Miles High (1966).

In 1970, drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk joins the group, completing the classical formation of Golden Earring. They enjoyed a brief international success in the 1970s thanks to the single version of Radar Love (1974), the album Moontan, also a hit in Europe and the United States>. Golden Earring embarked on his first major American tour between 1969 and 1970. They then moved to hard rock and played with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Procol Harum, and Eric Clapton. Between 1969 and 1984, Golden Earring completed thirteen American tours. At this time, they play for Santana, King Crimson, The Doobie Brothers, Rush and .38 Special. Around 1973-1974, when Radar Love was a hit, they played alongside Kiss and Aerosmith.

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